Unveil the true nature of your journey

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The distinguished statement piece to understand the intelligence behind your journey.


Odyss informs. It empowers. It unveils the very DNA that makes each journey unique. It encompasses that personal touch in a high-tech world. Seamlessly blending with interiors and yet remaining extraordinarily distinguished. It is a statement piece whose discerning subtlety enriches design, knowledge and control.



Touch to reveal.


Odyss reveals, it informs and puts you in control. Touch to awake and swipe to discover a voyage beyond the realms of the expected. When odyss is left untouched, it subtly presents its pristine visuals in a carousel, constantly calibrating and adjusting itself to the environment.  



Time & Date | World Times |  Sun Up & Down | Air & Sea Temperature | Position | Heading & Speed |  Wind Speed & Direction | Barometric Pressure | Depth | Humidity



Messaging | Image Display | Weather Forecast | Makkah Pointer | Custom Graphics


Know more. Experience odyss.

With odyss, you do not just go along for the ride, you live
the journey. Encompassed in timeless design, its intelligence, intuitive
interaction and ingenious technology enhance every aspect of
time spent onboard. Work with us to make odyss your own masterpiece.



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